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Mr. Georgios Makropoulos, FIDE Deputy President, visited Lima, Peru from February 24th-26th at the invitation of the Confederation of Chess for America to attend the annual Continental Board Meeting.

On February 25th he met with the Peruvian Minister of Sport, Mr. Saul Barrera Ayala at his IPD office.  Mr. Makropoulos thanked the Minister for the support given to chess in Peru.  He also spoke about the FIDE Chess in Schools programme and offered FIDE help to Peru to establish it in the country.  Also present at the meeting were Mr. Giorgio Mautino Bauttello, Director of National Federations, Mr. Jorge Vega, Continental President for America and Eng. Boris Azcue, FDPA President.

The Minister thanked Mr. Makropoulos for his visit and informed him that Peru will continue to support chess and will co-operate with FIDE in all matters.

On February 26th, Mr. Makropoulos attended the Continental Board meeting where all members were present plus several National Federation Presidents.  In the meeting Mr. Makropoulos gave a briefing on the current political and financial situation in FIDE.

Following his explanation regarding the political situation, several delegates took to the floor, requesting a deadline to clarify the situation.  It was the general opinion that this had to be done during the Baku Congress.  Those present expressed their support of the work of Mr Makropoulos, who was currently in charge in accordance with the resolution of the last FIDE Presidential Board.

In respect of FIDE finances, Mr. Makropoulos explained the need for cuts in the budget but he informed the meeting that the DEV budget will be retained at current levels.  This information was received with thanks by all present.

Following the meeting, a lunch was hosted by CCA for everyone at a famous typical Peruvian restaurant.  The Continental President, on behalf of all present, thanked Mr. Makropoulos for his visit.

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