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On the 13th and 14th of this month, the FIDE EB meeting for the year 2017 was held in Antalya, Turkey.

Although at first there was a tense environment due to Mr Iljumzjinov's pronouncement to returns FIDE's Presidency with full powers, at the beginning of the meeting this issue was not mentioned by him and the following main agreements were made:
1.-The EB ratified unanimously the agreements of the Presidential Board where all the powers exercised by the President in legal, administrative and sports matters are passed to Mr. Makropoulos, Deputy President, due to the sanctions imposed on Mr. Iljumzjinov by the USA Department of the Treasury.
2.-The EB adopted a resolution 37-20 calling on Mr. Iljumzjinov not to aspire to re-election in 2018, although this agreement is not executive, it is an index of the opinion of the majority of the delegates.
3.-The EB was informed of the signing of a new contract with AGON due to repeated failures to pay its obligations to FIDE. While some delegates stated that they expected a tougher text regarding the future conduct of AGON, it was clear that the contract should be automatically canceled due to non-compliance with the payment amounts to settle the current debt within 7 days of incurring.
4.-The increase of Euros 200,000 to 300,000 was reported to the Development Commission, which increases FIDE's support in 2018 to federations that are under DEV programs.
All the agreements implemented by the EB are published on the official FIDE website, www.fide.com
Jorge Vega
Continental President for America
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