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The American Chess Confederation (CCA) is pleased to report the launch of its "FIDE America-Chess.com" platform. Through the agreement with Chess.com, today the main chess platform worldwide.

In the coming days we will be announcing the official CCA ONLINE activities calendar, which will consist of Pan-American tournaments for children, School tournaments, team tournaments and Regional tournaments. Likewise, other types of activities such as refresher seminars and ONLINE courses will be implemented.

Federations belonging to CCA now have the possibility to organize their tournaments online using the platform

The project is part of a CCA update on social networks, as well as the administrative system. This project is led by GM Darcy Lima, programmer analyst by profession and current Deputy President of our Chess Confederation for America

Inauguration Tournament - FIDE America CCA

May 16, 2020 at  18:00 (Brasilia time) Registrations starts one hour earlier ( 17:00 Brasilia time)

Bullet 1 + 1

11 rounds

For a Fair Play tournament, we ask players to play with their main chess.com account. With real name and surname and photo.

For tournaments with prizes and / or titles, the organization may request proof of the player's identity.

Players who do not follow the recommendation may be excluded from the standings .

Club Link https://www.chess.com/club/fide-america-cca

Tournament link https://www.chess.com/live#t=1224698

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