At the last BC meeting, in Montevideo, it was decided to postpone all the official CCA events that were held until May 31. Already in May, the health situation on the continent has worsened, with a higher or lower level in all countries.

Fide has announced that the events of the cycles of the World Championship, Absolute and Feminine are postponed for the year 2021 entirely, so that Continental and Zonal in our continent pass for next year.

The forecasts of the evolution of the pandemic are not auspicious for our Continent, aggravated by the beginning of the winter season in the south.

Based on the foregoing, all CCA events, both Pan American and regional, will be postponed to 2021. In the same way, the 2021 calendar passes to 2022 and the allocation given by the last Continental Assembly for the Pan American Youth 2022 to the USCF, passes by 2023.

The events marked for November or December (which were already or were postponed at this time) would remain until further analysis on September 30.

Once Fide defines its calendar of the cycles of the World Championships, we will define how many quotas are granted by the Absolute and Feminine Continentals.