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Rio de Janeiro, September 29, 2019

The Assembly had the physical presence or by proxies of 32 federations being the largest in odd years; Wilkinson, JAM and Milton Iturry, Chairman of the Working Group, IPD; Peru sent justifications for his absence, the Haitian proxy was invalidated.

After the words of welcome from Jorge Vega, Continental President and Darcy Lima, President of CBX and Organizer of the Assembly, the quorum was verified, declaring the General Assembly 2019 of the CCA open.

Following the order of the agenda, the minutes of the AG 2018 were reviewed and confirmed without objection.

The President then gave his written report and proceeded to give a verbal explanation of what was discussed at the different meetings of the FIDE Presidential Bureau during this year, beginning with the first one held in Astana whose central point was the signing of the FIDE Support Plan with the Continents, where he explained that there was a private meeting of the four Continental Presidents with the President of FIDE, Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich on the occasion of a paragraph in Appendix A of the Plan that granted executive power to the Continental Advisers on the execution of the plan and the management of the Continents, a paragraph that was unanimously rejected by all the Continental Presidents, Mr. Dvorkovich then instructed to eliminate that paragraph, a fact that was confirmed to our Assembly by Mrs. Johnson, Secretary of P / DEV and delegate of Trinidad & Tobago Vega said that if someone informed or informed in the future the opposite would be lying to the delegates.

Regarding the second meeting of the Presidential Bureau held in Baku , he said that in a private meeting with Mr. Dvorkovich, he had warned of the conflict that was being created in Peru because of the misinformation that was given to him, unfortunately everything that happened happened with negative consequences for the image of FIDE.

Finally, Vega and Mr. Michael Khordakovsky, Delegate of the USA, reported on the meeting held in the framework of the third meeting of the Presidential Bureau in Budapest where both met with Mr. Dvorkovich and Mr. Igor Kogan, second to command of the Management Board of FIDE, where the new statute was discussed in which it was intended to eliminate the Continental Presidents of the Presidential Bureau, a situation that was positively resolved, Khordakovsky explained other changes to the statute also favorable although there were some issues to discuss such as the task of the Zonal Council and the functions of the Directors, especially the Executive Director.

After the approval of the President's report, an explanation was given of the operation of the Plan by Vega and Lima, the latter explaining the execution of the Plan that is advanced considering that the Plan became operational in April.

Then Lima gave an explanation of the Commissions currently working in CCA and confirmed the previous creation of a new Commission for the inclusion of chess in the different Regional Games. The creation of a Statute and Regulations Commission was also approved and will begin its work since the proposed changes in FIDE Statutes are already on the way.

The Assembly was postponed continuing its work on the 29th.

Following the agenda in the resumption of the Assembly, it was Mr. Allan Herbert to present the financial balance of 2018 and report the budget to be executed in 2019, Herbert showed that CCA's finances were solid and healthy, he also noted that the 2019 budget It indicated a notable increase by including the programmed support in the FIDE / CCA Plan, expanding what was reported by Lima when it explained the execution of the Plan.

In subsequent interventions by delegates on the financial aspect Vega stated that FIDE had agreed to an external audit that covered the period 2014-18 and that the UBS FIDE / CCA account and its transactions had been included in said audit, not finding any anomaly . Herbert informed that according to the clauses of the Plan the 2019 budget would be audited to be informed in the first quarter of the year 2020.

The delegate of Venezuela, Mr. Fidel González presented doubts in the increase of some items in the 2019 budget compared to that of 2018, especially to the travel expenses of the President, which was duly answered by Herbert who reported that the expenses in this aspect of the years 2018 and 2019 were similar given that in 2018 FIDE directly assigned 30,000 euros to the Continental President without spending that money through CCA and in 2019 this amount was included through the contribution of the Plan, the Assembly rejected the doubts of the Mr. Gonzalez.

Following his report, Herbert explained that some powerful federations owed large numbers to CCA for non-compliance with reimbursement of registrations in official events, mentioning that the figure amounted to about USD 60,000 in some, situation that should end by means of strong measures, the delegate of El Salvador Mr. Hernández said it was unfair and inadmissible for small federations to fulfill their obligations and for some powerful ones to charge the registration fees for official CCA events and not transfer them immediately, using them for their own benefit in a clearly illegal act. Vega added that it did not solve anything that these federations would pay a small amount per year as proof of payment, since the volume of the debt did not decrease.

Mr. Herbert promised to immediately send the detailed invoices of these federations so that they explain how to settle said debts satisfactorily and that drastic measures would be taken for non-payment.

The Assembly approved the Treasurer's report and discharged it from responsibilities.

Next, the CCA official event venues were discussed in 2021. Mr. Lima informed the proposals received and approved those where only one applicant federation appeared, then analyzed those where more than one federation appeared requesting the same event, the most complicated was the Pan American by Ages, (Youth), where Colombia, Uruguay and the United States were running; the delegate of the USA informed that although everything was prepared for his organization and a record participation was expected, they were willing to withdraw their offer under the commitment granted by the Assembly, exceptionally the celebration of it in Chicago in 2022. The proposal It was accepted and once the headquarters of Youth 2022 was granted to the USA, a vote was taken between Uruguay and Colombia to define the venue of the event in 2021, Uruguay triumphing widely.

Another headquarters discussed was the Continental Absolute where there was a Central American struggle with offers from Panama and El Salvador where the latter was imposed, also by overwhelming majority.

He went on to General Affairs where Mr. Mario Petrucci gave a broad explanation of the efforts made to try to include chess in the different Regional Games. In particular, he detailed to the Assembly the efforts made with Zarza of Paraguay and Lima of Brazil before Odesur since 2018, which had a positive result until the resignation of the headquarters of Paraguay was raised. He recalled that all this was informed to the President of the Fide on the occasion of his visit to the Pan American Games in Lima. Petrucci took the opportunity to promote the South American Youth that will take place in Buenos Aires this year giving a broad explanation of it.

On the agenda was to discuss Peru's proposal for a vote of censure to the President and the request for an Extraordinary General Assembly to promote its replacement based on the transfer of the headquarters of the Absolute Zonal 2.4 and the Absolute Continental of Peru to other federations. of the chaotic and uncertain situation existing in Peruvian chess but before the delegate of El Salvador presented a very strong protest motion for the intervention of the FIDE Executive Director in the elections of the Guatemalan Federation, a motion that was modified by the President of the USCF to eliminate the hard wording of immediate conviction. This polarized the Assembly taking the initiative to prevent the vote of the proposal from the delegate of Venezuela, Mr. Fidel González implicitly defending the right to intervene in internal affairs of the federations. Mr. González stated that he had documents on embezzlement in the Guatemalan federation, in fact confessing his intervention in internal matters to which the criticisms were swift. Mr. González in an unusual event at the CCA Assemblies threatened those who criticized him for suing them in the FIDE Ethics Commission and in the international CAS, which caused new criticism. Vega intervened to report that despite the intervention of the Executive Director of Fide in favor of the opposition, the Federation of Guatemala had retained control in the election with a 13-2 vote, decisive for its outcome.

The discussion rose in tone defending the intervention principle Mr. González supported by Colombia and Cuba and some more and rejecting the remaining delegates, to end it was called an open and personal vote overwhelmingly approving the proposal of El Salvador modified by the USCF ratifying the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of the member federations of CCA, as stated in the FIDE statute.

Vega promised to directly inform the President of FIDE, Mr. Dvorkovich, the relevant issues.

Finally, there was the aforementioned proposal from Peru presented by the then President of the FDPA. It was intended on behalf of the aforementioned delegate of Venezuela that the issue should not be considered. The Assembly understood that it was a receipt for having been submitted in a timely manner and going on to vote the Assembly rejected the proposal as unfounded.

President Vega took the floor and said that while Peru's proposal was artificially supported by those trying to destabilize the CCA, the Assembly had been very positive even regretting the hardness of the CCA at some points as it served as a guide for what that it could happen in America in the short term and it was an index for the elections of 2022. Vega mentioned that he could add a lot to what was happening but that this would only polarize the spirits apart that survivors could not be attacked and wishing for a good return CCA Assembly closed 2019.

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